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I teach privately in the Los Angeles area or anywhere you are via Skype/Facetime. I'd love to help you become a better drummer. Although each lesson is focused toward your specific goals here are some of things I can help you with:

-Learning songs and drum parts

-Playing dynamically (not just loud and louder)

-Hands and feet technique


- **Creating your own drum charts you can utilize for situations when you need to learn music and drum parts. (It's not always practical and realistic to rely on learning just by ear. I simply could not do what I do without knowing how to use a charting system.)

-Concepts including: playing with tracks and our friend the click, knowing the drummer's role and how to keep other members of a band wanting to play with you:), creating and composing a drum part


-Career advice/tips

-'Doors' related questions about working w Ray & Robby? I'm happy to share.

Yes, I enjoy teaching young students if they have a passion for it just like I did! Number #1 rule..drumming is fun!

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